The Locker Room: A Transmasculine Discussion Group

On Friday August 12 at the New LGBT Community Center of St. Louis, the transmasculine discussion group  The Locker Room held its first meeting. The Locker Room was developed by Transhaven Director and Trans man Sayer Johnson.  Sayer provides the backstory:

In speaking with many folks at Pride the suggestion of a support-discussion group kept coming up. I decided to make it my goal for the fall to create and maintain a safe discussion space for transmasculine identified folks. The group is designed for persons who id on the masculine end of the gender spectrum that had been born into a female id. Butch, Boi, questioning , genderqueer and trans were all represented at the first meeting.

The LGBT Community Center of St. Louis stepped up and offered safe meeting space. They created a welcoming and inclusive environment from the moment we stepped in the door. They provided us a private and inviting space with room to grow. The discussion group had about 12 folks and the meeting lasted 3 hours. The group is excited to continue meeting and came up with topics and guidelines to create a safe space for everyone. The group will have time for open conversation at the beginning of every meeting then will concentrate on a topic for the remainder of the time. September’s topic will be “Show and Tell” Media, books and tools that guide us and help us have community. Everyone is bringing in the books music video and adaptive equipment that all relate to our transmasculine journeys and identities.

If you fall on the transmasculine end of the gender spectrum and are looking for community-support and discussion consider joining us on the 2nd Fridays of each month at the LGBT Community Center of St. Louis.   – Sayer

If you would like more information on the discussion group, please send a note to

Sayer Johnson is a Board Director of TransHaven, and is the founder and moderator of The Locker Room.

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2 Responses to The Locker Room: A Transmasculine Discussion Group

  1. Kyle Belanger says:

    I really wish I could be a part of that group…is there any chance there will be any online discussions?


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