Discussion: Behavior Health In The LGBT Community – At Our Trans*Continental Breakfast

The difference between existing and living is knowledge.

Advocacy is perhaps best defined as acting upon the world by way of education and outreach to address and remedy specific issues facing a specific community. We at Transhaven take this mission very seriously and have endeavored to provide that voice for not only the Trans, but the entire LGBT Community. Ours is a diverse advocacy, covering many areas of concern for the LGBT Community. Our mission is critical advocacy for all in our community, and that often includes working with complex issues and underserved populations within our family. From identity documentation for the trans-identified, to
working towards LGBT-inclusive homeless shelters, we are involved and working
diligently. To accomplish these goals, and serve the Trans Community and the LGBT Community inclusively, our work necessarily evolves and encompasses new areas as they may appear.

To that end, Transhaven welcomes you to our Trans*Continental
breakfast this Saturday at 9AM, at our offices on Arsenal. This will be your first opportunity to meet our newest staffer and hear about, as well as give input on, our newest area of advocacy for our Community. Claire Swinford will be joining us for what should be a lively discussion on Behavioral health needs in the LGBT Community. Claire has a decade of experience in behavioral health and disabilities advocacy, much of it with National level advocacy groups. Please note that she is not a therapist or psychiatrist, nor is she affiliated with any health care system, which we believe allows for a greater honesty in her advocacy work.

Our vision of this new advocacy area is to assist in creating a healthier LGBT Community, by addressing the issues that often prevent individuals from seeking therapy. This could include the highly political area of lobbying for health care access, direct outreach, cultural
competency training for therapists and other providers, and all points in between. What it will include, is ultimately determined by the needs and concerns of the LGBT community we serve. And that is where you come in.

So please join us for a bit of background explanation of our plans going forward, and more importantly, bring your questions and concerns for us to answer, and use to focus our efforts on the actual needs of the community. Statistically we know, that incidence of mood, anxiety, and substance abuse issues is 2.5 times higher in LGBT Communities than in heterosexuals (NAMI, 2008). What we wish to learn is what specific issues face
our local community.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

TransHaven – Imagine Trans Equality    www.transhaven.org

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