What are you doing on Monday?

Over the next two days we will be spending a great deal of the time at Tower Grove Park at TransHaven’s booth, talking about Trans Equality, talking about the Community in St. Louis and beyond and hawking buttons to support the costs of running a social justice organization. At PrideFest, we reach out not only to the Trans Community but the broader LGBTIQA Community as a whole.

PrideFest St Louis is put on by a bunch of dedicated volunteers. It takes a year to plan and produce the Festival. It also takes many other volunteers for the days of the Festival to keep the various activities going smoothly and keeping the crowd pleased. On Sunday is the parade up South Grand to the park. Many more thousands are lining the street,
watching this fabulous event flow along it’s route. By Sunday evening, so many
thousands have been at the park and all too soon it must end. People say adieu and head for their cars to go to a party, or simply to go home.

But it isn’t over. On Monday, the work of Pride St Louis for the festival continues as now the cleanup begins. Pride must have the park area it uses in pristine condition by 5:00 pm. Pieces of paper, cups, ribbons, cigarette butts, plastic bottles and even finding one’s lost keys need to be picked up. The tents need to be taken down, trash containers emptied and a huge look around to make certain everything has been picked up.

That’s where the Community comes into play. Pride St Louis needs the Community’s help in cleaning up. The Community has just been treated to two days to the finest ‘barbeque in the park’ that one will attend this summer.  Pride needs volunteers from the Community it serves to close out their work for the year. TransHaven will have at least two volunteers there on Monday, will you or your organization do the same?

No, not a send up of TransHaven, simply that we are committed to serving the Community. And if that means getting a bit dirty or dealing with some heat, we will just have to deal with it. Pride St Louis continues to reach out to the Trans Community and we want to reach back for the work they do for the entire Community.

So, what are you doing on Monday, have a few hours to help?

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