Trans Pride – Will You Be There, Will You Volunteer?

TransHaven will be celebrating it’s birthday on June 26th, and begin it’s third year of unwavering advocacy for not only the Trans Community, but also supporting the entire Community that is called ‘LGBTIQA.’ We have been working on projects and involved with other organizations, in efforts towards a full Equality and bringing harmony to the Community. There are organizations that support our older Trans, our younger Trans, in essence, organizations providing social services to the Trans Community while we focus on the social justice issues that affect the lives in all that are Trans.

In turn, Metro East Pride, Pride St Louis and St Louis Black Pride have reached out to the Trans Community and to TransHaven in supporting our Mission. All three organizations have provided a welcoming and affirming atmosphere at their respective festivals in so many different ways. With that thought, I am hoping that the Trans Community reaches back with the same welcoming and affirmation to these organizations as they have done for us.

All three organizations need volunteers to help produce, conduct and clean up at their respective Festivals. I personally know what it takes to put on such events having been connected with Pride St Louis in the past. It isn’t simply a day or two of fun, it takes a year of planning and volunteers to make it happen. It is only fitting that in reaching out to the Trans Community, that we reach back to them, in turn, it is the Trans Community reaching out to the entire Community. I encourage the Trans Community to consider volunteering for these festivals in a visible support to the greater Community. It is after all our Pride too, and I call our outreach “Trans Pride.”

– Robyn Carolyn Montague, Chair

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