Change Is Always Good!

TransHaven is moving forward in some changes to better serve our constituency. We have converted our Facebook profile into a Community page, in which we can provide a better sense of confidentialy to those that are trans-identified, yet reach out to our allies with information on our work. We are also re-designing our website to provide yet more information, resources and current news for all.

Current projects we are working on is suitable housing for Trans-identified homeless and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Intersex identified homeless in the St Louis Region. We are also working on Identity Document Reform for those transitioning transsexuals in Missouri and recently launched our ‘Trans-Missouri Needs Assessment Survey” across the state to validate the path of our Mission. From a social aspect, we are planning a picnic in October in Columbia, MO where we will be inviting Trans from the entire state to join together in visibility and solidarity.

There are other changes and projects coming down the path, focused on our committment to the Trans Community of Missouri and beyond. Join us (“Like”) on our Facebook Community Page, follow us on Twitter and our new look coming soon on our Website!

TransHaven – Advocates for Trans Equality

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