Countering ‘Voter ID’ for Missouri Trans at ‘Queer In The Midwest’ Conference

A great day indeed at Washington University in St Louis – School of Law yesterday where we attended the ‘Outlaws – Queer In The Midwest’ Conference. Chair Robyn Carolyn Montague spoke to the gathering with Kylar Broadus, preeminent attorney, college professor, Trans and Racial Justice advocate.

After brief introductions, an extended question and answer period fielded questions with regard to non-discrimination policies such as the employment protections proposed in the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) and the Missouri Non-Discrimination Act (MONA).  Other topical questions were that of Transgender acceptance in the LGB Community,  Mr. Broadus was questioned by attendees on issues between the ‘LGB’ and ‘T’ Communities and responded at great length on the subject, and in general of oppression and acceptance of the Trans Community throughout the U.S.

In other aspects of the oppression towards the Trans and how legislation affects those that are Trans, the topic turned to the looming ‘Voter ID’ legislation in Missouri. As it stands, this legislation has dire ramifications to some that are Trans-identified , in that it will prevent some transitioning individuals from voting should this legislation be signed into law. Mrs. Montague at that time informed the gathering that TransHaven has been working with the State of Missouri – Department of Revenue and State Representative  Jeanette Mott Oxford (who was in attendence to hear the Trans Advocacy portion of the program, then later to speak) to make certain changes in identity documents easier to make, and thus countering the aspects of the ‘Voter ID’ legislation for those Trans affected by any such law.

TransHaven wishes to thank Jessica Hille and Emily Danker-Feldman of the WUSTL – School of Law ‘OUTlaws’ for extending their invitation to speak at this noteworthy event.

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