Live, Laugh, and Love- A benefit for Kathy Harvey

St Louis has one of the most giving and caring communities of them all and no one gives more of her time and energy than Kathy Harvey and her partner, Trish Bush. We know many of you on this invite list work for other establishments and other organizations but we hope we can all come together this one night becuase this IS different. Few can say they haven’t seen a cause touched by Trish and Kathy, regardless of the organization or location.

Barely a week goes by that these two are not first in line to support a cause, and many times multple causes in one night. Now the time has come for us to all share in the love and support Kathy gives all of us in helping to raise money to offset medical expenses as Kathy bravely WINS her battle with cancer.

Please join us for an evening of great music, laughter, performers, raffles, 50/50, jello shots and most of all LOVE, and help give back to someone the selflessly gives of herself. On the bill already are performances by Dieta Pepsi and Trish Bush, Justen Espey, Nikki Sweets, Earl Jones, a drag queen/king show at 9 hosted by Ms Pepsi, drawings for gifts cards from Luvy Duvy’s, artwork by Deanna Chafin, Arlene Ligori and Janiece Senn, bottles of liquor, an Absolutli Goosed gift card, a Pickles Deli gift card,certificates from Sashas on Shaw and Mokabees, a JC Penny gift card, a Smelly Things Candle Company Basket, photographs from Todd Alan, bar tabs, goodies from Merbs, a Three Monkeys gift cert, a basket of coffee goodies from Kaldi’s compliments of Sergio Hernendez, a basket full of retro candy, a Mastercard/Visa gift card courtesy of Transhaven, a Just John gift certificate and much more!

All proceeds, including all door cover until 10pm, go directly to Kathy. A suggested door cover of $10 is requested but not required. We look forward to seeing so many of you from all the organizations Kathy and Trish have helped in the past. If you have anything that can be used in the raffle, or want to perform, please let us know!

Saturday, February 26 : 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Novaks Bar and Grill 4121 Manchester Ave
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