Movin’ On

With various thoughts in mind, TransHaven will begin phasing out their Facebook ‘Friend’ page to that as one of a Fan page. While we enjoy the deep-rooted ‘one-on-one’ aspect of personal communication, our current workload and the activities of our business plan for the future will severely impact timely responses.

Instead, a ‘Fan Page’ will keep everyone well informed of those activities and events yet allow us to focus our energies in support of the Trans Community and the LGBTIQA Community as a whole.

Contact information such as email addresses, our Mission Statement, our phone number and other useful information will be on the ‘Info’ page, and event information can be seen by ‘clicking’ on the ‘Events’ button on the left column of our ‘Wall.’ And of course one can always see current happenings and information here at “Notes from TransHaven,” on our website and one can follow us on Twitter “TransHaven.”

We encourage our friends to “Like” us, as we begin to phase out our Friend page and eventually close it. We hope that you will join us!!/pages/TransHaven/199441896747991

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